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荒野独居 第四季 huangyedujudisiji






荒野独居 第四季剧情介绍

7组竞争者共14人分别空降到温哥华岛的北部,每组的两个队员一共可以选择10个生存装备,并平分装备。每组中需要选择一人降落在营地,另一人则降落在距离营地16km(1 mi)的地方并需要靠指南针徒步到营地。每个人都可以在任何时间退出游戏,同时另一名组员也会自动被退出游戏。如果有组员因为受伤而退出,那么与主动退出游戏一样。坚持到最后一组的两名成员获得50万美金。 提供的装备: 1 pair high leg Hunting boots 1 Pair water shoes (crocs/sandals/keens) 1 T-shirt 2 fleece or wool shirts (hooded or unhooded) 1 wool sweater 3 pairs wool socks 2 hats (brimmed, wool or baseball) 1 bandana or shemagh or buff/face mask 2 Pairs of Gloves (one insulated and one leather work style glove) 2 pairs underwear 1 warm outdoor jacket 1 rain jacket 1 rain pant 1 pair thermal underwear (long top and bottom) 1 pair of gaiters 1 leather belt (or synthetic equivalent) 1 toothbrush 1 pair of eye glasses (with proof of prescription) 1 personal photograph 1 Multi-seasonal Sleeping Bag (should be a minimum of a -10 degrees Celsius rating and synthetic) 1 Fixed Blade Knife 1 Ferro Rod (must not be longer than 6in, and must have plastic handle) 可选装备:每组选出10种 *Each Team may select 10 items from the following list (5 items per person). *Participants may only choose up to 2 Food items each. *Non-Hunting Items are limited to 1 of each item listed per Teammate. *The Hunting Items are limited to 1 of each item listed per Team. Shelter 12x12 ground cloth/tarp (grommets approved) 8 mm climbing rope - 10M 550 parachord - 20m 1 hatchet 1 saw 1 ax Bedding 1 bivi bag (Gore-Tex sleeping bag cover) 1 sleeping pad 1 hammock Cooking 1 large pot (no more than 2 quarts; includes lid) 1 steel frying pan 1 enamel bowl for eating 1 spoon 1 canteen or water bottle Hygiene 1 bar soap 1 8 oz tube of toothpaste 1 face flannel 1 40 m roll dental floss 1 small bottle bio shower soap 1 shaving razor (and 1 blade) 1 towel (30” x 60”) 1 comb Hunting (Note: only 1 item can be chosen between each pair of participants) 1 300-yard roll of a single filament fishing line / 25 assorted Hooks (no lures) 1 primitive bow + 6x arrows (must be predominately made of wood) 1 small gauge gill net (12' x 4' with 1.5" mesh) 1 slingshot/catapult + 30 steel ball bearings + 1 replacement band 1 net foraging bag 1 3.5 lb roll of trapping wire 3 lbs of one solid block of salt Food 2 lbs of beef jerky (protein) 2 lbs of dried pulses/legumes/lentils mix (starch and carbs) 2 lbs of biltong (protein) 2 lbs of hard tack military biscuits (carbs/sugars) 2 lbs of chocolate (Simple/complex sugars) 2 lbs of pemmican (traditional trail food made from fat and proteins) 2 lbs of gorp (raisins, m&m's and peanuts) 2 lbs of flour (starch/carbs) 1/3 lbs rice/ 1/3 lb sugar / 1/3 lb of salt Tools 1 pocket knife 1 Leatherman multi-tool or similar 1 sharpening stone 1 roll of duct tape or 1 roll of electrical tape 1 small shovel 1 small sewing kit 1 carabineer 1 LED flashlight 1 pair of ice spikes

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